Definitions Edit

  • The First Brick
    • The first brick is the power which keeps the vandals in check. That brick is the most powerful thing in Brickipedia. Which ever side controls it has the upper hand. The brick, if controlled by the Brickipedians, keeps the vandals, and most importantly Sannse, in the Badlands. If the Wikians (Sannse/Vandals) control it, she has the power to sow chaos in the land of Brickipedia, and infect some Brickipedians. Usually the brick keeps the Wikians away, but unbeknownst to the Brickipedians, one day of the year, the Summer Solstace, the Brick stops functioning and each side is equal.

Darth henry walked into the portal labeled recent activity. He hadn't been here for a few days and he knew that unless others had been here, this place would be full of trolls, vandals and underagers. As he emerged from the portal, Henry saw familiar green, big eyed, scaly face. It was Czechmate, one of Henry's best friends.

  • "Henry am I glad to see you, you should have seen it. Sannse was here. She had this big... thing. I don't known what it was. It was like a turtle, armor, robot of death. It slashed at me and almost chopped me in half. We gotta get Meiko, and Sci, AND EVERYONE."
    • "Dude, it couldn't have been that bad..."
      • "IT. ALMOST. CHOPPED. ME. IN. HALF... Did I mention it has The First Brick?!"
        • "The what?! I thought that brick kept them in Wikia. They can't come across the border!"
          • "That's what I thought too. Now come on, I hear some of the others, maybe they saw which way it went."

So the two headed off into towards a little circle of brush where they heard the noises. When they got close, the noise stopped. Czechmate backed up. Henry called to the noise:

  • "Hello? Guys? Anyone in there?"

There were two more crackling noises until two underagers jumped out of the brush onto Henry and Czech and went for there throats before they could scream. Czech pulled one of his golden guns out of his pocket and managed to pull off a shot into the air. In a few seconds, two arrows were let loose out of a bow and impaled themselves into the underagers. Henry and Czech stood up and looked for the source of the arrows.