After the villagers were all safe, Eric Eagle and Leonard Lion met in the Council Building to discuss the recent events. They decided that they would change their names back to their Chiman names and keep it like that. Soora brought up the issue of the Scizards. "Should we kill them since they aren't human anymore, or should we capture them in hopes we can change them back or what?" Leonidas thought hard and said, "We can decide when the time comes, right now we need to focus on capturing the scizards and keeping the townspeople safe." Later on in the meeting, it was decided that the SCU would receive vehicles and tranquilizer guns in order to capture the scizards. After Rore, Razr, and Egnox were geared up, they set out into the forest to search for the scizards. They didn't have to walk very far before Razr shouted "Hey guys, look at this". The others ran over to where Razr was standing. "Look" Razr said as he pointed to the ground. "Those must be scizard tracks" said Egnox. The others agreed as they hopped back into their vehicles. They followed the tracks down a heavily forested path until they came to a clearing. The animals stared in awe at the sight that greeted them. There were almost a hundred scizards living harmoniously together in the clearing. The animals couldn't bear to do the scizards any harm seeing as how peaceful they were so the animals just started up their vehicles again and sped off back towards the Land of Chima. When they got back Eric Eagle greeted them and summoned them back to the Chiman Council-room.