When Henry woke up, he groaned and looked around. He saw other kids in beds being attended to. Henry saw a cup of juice and some cubes on the table next to him. He grabbed a couple cubes and popped one in his mouth. They tasted so good, like mashed potatoes and gravy, with stuffing. He was just about to eat another when Autumn rushed in and yelled "Don't eat that!" Startled, Henry dropped the cube. "But it's so good! It tasted like potatoes and gravy with stuffing! Plus, I feel much better." Autumn rolled her eyes, "That stuff is nectar, what the gods eat. While it is the best food in the world, it is also the most dangerous. If you eat to much, you'll erupt into flames. Same with the nectar, gods drink it, best drink ever, not too much." At that moment Ian walked in and said "Hey Henry!". "Hey Ian" Henry replied. Ian fished around in his pocket and pulled out two spinners. "Remember when I was throwing spinners at the Hellhounds?" Without waiting for a response, Ian continued, "Well I didn't throw all of them! I saved two so we could play!" Henry sat up and he and Ian started playing spinners on the bedside table. "I hate to breakup your topfest, but you guys have to go to the Testing Arena. It's where we put new demi-gods to determine their godly parent." Henry and Ian picked up their spinners and followed Autumn to the arena. It really wasn't really an arena, it was more like a gathering of training stuff. There was an archery range, a workshop, a swimming pool and some other things. Henry spotted Charles struggling with a sword and Jonathan picking someone's pocket. "Why hello" a booming voice said. Henry turned around and saw a centaur. "Hey Chiron!" said Autumn "Got two new recruits for ya. Just testing their parentage now." There was silence for a few moments before Autumn noticed the four demi-gods' disturbed faces. "Oh sorry, this is Chiron, he is the headmaster of Camp-Halfblood".